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Little Champs – LC

Jr. Grapplers – JG

Black Belt Club – BBCGJJ

Combatives – GC

GJJ Reflex Development – RD

GJJ Master Cycle – MC

Krav Maga / Kick Boxing – KMKB

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Private Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Personal Training Session – One of the fastest ways to advance your learning is to schedule private sessions with one of our certified instructors, and several people have asked about private training sessions to prepare for upcoming belt tests, to make-up classes, or to advance more quickly. You can check with coaches about availability but finally, the student is responsible to schedule and arrange payment terms for all privates with Coach Misti.

Generally, privates need to be scheduled and payment terms arranged at least 48 hours prior to the desired time slot. Please advise the instructor of the material you would like to cover 24 hours prior to the session. In addition, students must give 24 hours’ notice prior to canceling the private session or are subject to full payment of the private session.


(1) Class time is 1 hour and usually rolling after.

(2) Class time is 1.5 hours.

(3) Advanced Class & Sparring on the first Wednesday of the month. Requires permission to attend.

(4) Class time is 1.5 hours.