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Gracie Survival Tactics

To Serve and Protect

Most law enforcement professionals are great people just trying to do their jobs serving and protecting our communities. The problem is that for various reasons they are often unable to get the resources necessary to do their job effectively.

Leading Jiu-Jitsu Defensive Tactics Program

Gracie University’s GST course is the leading Jiu-Jitsu based defensive tactics program in America. At Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Manchester we are glad to be part of the solution in the training gap by providing law enforcement students at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Manchester ( special “law enforcement only” classes in which the GST techniques are the primary focus. This will provide officers the necessary LEO adaptations that will make their newly acquired Jiu-Jitsu skills useful under the stressful circumstances they face in the field.

Defense Against Ambush Attack

In a real fight, there is no referee to start or to stop the fight when you are getting assaulted. Only the suspect knows when and how he will attack. Any time you are close enough to conduct a pat-down, or to exchange documents, you are close enough to be ambushed. In the GST program, we teach simple and effective sudden assault defense strategies that enable you to neutralize the threat and achieve a position of advantage while minimizing injury to yourself and the suspect. In martial arts competitions & practice, the tap-out matters but in a fight for your life against an aggressive subject, it doesn’t. For law enforcement professionals, we understand that victory isn’t achieved until you neutralize the threat and apprehended the suspect. In the GST program we have devised a series of simple, yet reliable, handcuffing procedures you can use from virtually every position in the fight, and the techniques are applicable to both solo and partner arrests.

Learn to Grapple, So You Don’t Have To

As a law enforcement professional, the public doesn’t pay you to fight fairly. If you enter into a “grappling match” with the suspect, you put yourself in great danger since the suspect could take your weapons and use them against you. If, however, the fight goes to the ground against your will, you must know what to do. In the GST program, we teach time-tested escape techniques that can be used to get you off the ground and back to your feet so that you can establish distance and utilize the appropriate force option to neutralize the threat. GST also features a series of leverage-based weapon retention principles you can apply in any grappling scenario to keep your weapons secure until you have the opportunity to disengage from the ground fight. Our philosophy is simple: Learn how to grapple, so you don’t have to.

More Information

Contact us for more information about local Law Enforcement Training Opportunities or go to for more information about the amazing GST program.