Winter Workout

Due to the weather I decided to make a temporary workout in case it is too cold in the fitness area. You can set-up dip bars and foam mats in the hallway by the row machines. In fact, use any of the open space to do your workout. Heat is on the way but in the meantime use this as a way to be to be creative and modify the workouts to suit your own goals.

30 work, 30 rest, 8 exercises, 5 rounds, 0 recovery

  1. Row Machine – Pull,Leg,Core
  2. 4-Way Jacks or high knees or any cardio – Cardio, Leg
  3. Dips or other Push Exercise (Dips Bars) – Push
  4. Lying Rows (Dip Bars) with Mat or Pull-ups or Bent Rows – Pull
  5. Any Leg exercise (Air Squats, Reverse Lunges, Side Lunges, etc) – Legs
  6. Curl / Arnold Press – Pull, Push
  7. Alternating Glute Bridges – Legs
  8. Any core exercise (Bicycles, Kick Touch, Plank, etc) – Core


Coach Tim Garrett

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