Total Body HIIT

Great Total Body HIIT Workout. Move non-stop from exercise to exercise and complete 1 round in a set amount of time based on your fitness level say, every 2.5 minutes.

If you finish before your time is up (2.5 minutes) you get to take a break for the remaining time. Once the time is up do it again. Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes. If you use 2.5 minutes per round as your target you should complete 6 rounds in 15 minutes.

Modify these exercises to your fitness level but try to substitute with an exercise that has a similar focus and intensity; Push, Pull, Core or Legs. I used 25 pounds dumbbells but to adjust the weight up or down to suit to your fitness level. You might even skip the weight entirely on the sumo squats.

E1. 6 x Sumo #25/25 (Legs)
E2. 6 x Alternating DB Bent Row #25/25 (Pull/Legs)
E3. 6 x Curl Overhead Arnold Press #25/25 (Pull/Push)
E4. 6 x Toes To Bar (Core)
E5. 6 x Elevated Spider-man Push-ups (Push/Core)
E6. 6 x Pull-ups (Pull)

Whatever you do just HIIT IT!!!
Coach Tim Garrett

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