Spider-man Push-up Kick Touch HIIT

I really loved this workout. It’s a total body HIIT with a Spider-man push-up that blasts your chest. The rotational movement also forces you to engage your core.

The workout goes like this:

  1. Spider-man pushups with a 3-Way Kick Touch. 1 set is 5 repetitions each side.
  2. Weighted Sumo Squats with a Curl to Overhead Arnold Press. 1 Set is 5 repetitions.
  3. Four way jumping jacks. A 4-way Jack repetition includes 4 movements. I set is 5 repetitions or 20 movements.

I did 7 rounds in 15 minutes and definitely hit some high intensity intervals. It was awesome that it only required two dumbbells.

Please Enjoy!

Coach Tim Garrett

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