Log Your Workouts

It is important to properly and progressively increase the load of and intensity of your workouts to achieve failure and force positive change. By tracking your progress or at the very least use some portion of your workout in a log of some sort you can determine if you are increasing the load and intensity adequately. So, write something down. Below is an example of how the fill out the logs that are provided for HIIT Transformation members. Personally I do not use a log like the one provided. I loosely log all of my workouts into a notepad and then put the information into my phone for easy access.

That said I would also offer a quick note on checking your heart rate. In order to determine your HR BPM, simply count the number of heart beats completed in 6 seconds and multiply it x 10. So, if you count 14 beats in 6 seconds, multiply 14 x 10 and that = 140 BPM. Typically, I check my heart rate at set intervals in each round, like the middle or end of a round. I will also check my HR any time I feel it is excessively high and modify the intensity to give myself an opportunity to recover as necessary. High Intensity Interval Training has amazing benefits but staying at high intensity for too long can be dangerous and have negative physiological impact. At the very least it will make you feel wrecked.

We will discuss this more in class .

HIIT it HARD but not too hard!

Coach Tim Garrett