Legs and Buns of Steel HIIT

I absolutely loved this HIIT workout. I smoked my hips, legs and glutes in every direction. I didn’t use heavy weight but by the end of it my quads were on fire!

Check it out!

30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 8 exercises, 5 rounds, with 30 seconds of recovery.

  1. Alternating Sumo Squats with a 50 pound dumbbell
  2. Ring Hamstring Curls
  3. 4- Way Jacks (10 sets)
  4. Side Lunges with a 50 pound dumbbell
  5. Kick Touches (10 sets)
  6. Reverse Lunges 8” Box and two 50 pound dumbbells (total 100 pounds).
  7. Alternating 1 Leg Sissy Squat
  8. Elevated Glute Bridges (15 seconds each leg)

Please Enjoy!

Tim Garrett


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