Katch Mcardle Calorie Calculator

Katch Mcardle Calorie Calculator
Enter your body fat percentage and your body weight below, then click submit, and your customized calorie chart will appear below.

Refer to the row beside your activity correction factor called out in the chart to determine your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

Activity Correction Factor
The BMR derived from the Katch-McArdle equation is multiplied by the appropriate activity correction factor below to determine TDEE.

Sedentary (little or no exercise): 1.200
Lightly active (light exercise/sports one to three days per week): 1.375
Moderately active (moderate exercise/sports six to seven days per week): 1.550
Very active (hard exercise/sports six to seven days per week): 1.725
Extra active (very hard exercise/sports and a physical job): 1.900

You can select a “customized” activity factor if you choose, such as 1.3, 1.65 or 1.85, etc. Extreme endurance sports or hard manual labor may call for an activity factor that is off the chart (greater than 1.9)

Choose your activity correction factor based on your current activity, not your future predicted activity

If in doubt, choose a lower activity factor (underestimate)



Katch-McArdle Calorie Calculator


Over-estimate for those over 65
The Katch-McArdle formula used for these calorie calculations has been known to over-estimate the calorie needs of elderly individuals. Although this is generally considered the most accurate of formulas, because it is based on lean body mass, it may lose accuracy in the elderly. If you are over 50, and especially if you are over 65, then you may wish to compensate accordingly by decreasing the estimate by 5-10% or simply use another calorie calculator such as the Mifflin St. Jeor Calorie Calculator.

The Katch-McArdle Formula (BMR)
BMR = 370 + (9.7976 x LBM) kcal/day, where LBM is lean body mass in pounds.


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