HR, Intensity & RPE

Checking your Heart Rate (HR) or Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE).

Let’s start by determining your maximum heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). There are many different things to consider when determining maximum heart rate like if you are on taking prescriptions or medications. So if you answered no to all the questions in our readiness questionnaire and do not have any contraindications or significant health problems, this is a quick reference and the least complicated method for determining your max HR.

Use this formula: 220 –Age years = Max BPM

So if you were 40 it would look like this: 220 – 40 = 180 Max (100%) BPM

Most people should not exercise in this range or they will feel terrible and may experience a negative physiological impart.

A typical exercise steady state cardio HR range might be Lower 60% to Upper 75% of (220-Age) = HR in Beats Per Minute (bpm).

Using the max above it would look like this

180 x 60% = 108 bpm Lower

180 x 75% = 135 bpm Upper

In order to determine your HR BPM, simply count the number of heart beats completed in 6 seconds and multiply it x 10. So, if you count 14 beats in 6 seconds, multiply 14 x 10 and that = 140 BPM. You would be working between you upper and lower range.

In the HIIT Transformation Program HR BPM you will likely exceed the 75% upper level for short periods of High Intensity Intervals, particularly in the later part of the program. However, participants should allow their HR to recover to their own comfort level based on their goals between intervals.

Now, let’s consider Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE).

 Rating or Perceived Exertion (RPE) based on max 180 bpm 
0. Nothing at all
1. Very easy. (Below VT1: You can speak comfortably)
2. Easy 55% max hr (99 bpm)
3. Moderate to High 65% max hr (117 bpm) to 70% (126 bpm)
4. High, Somewhat difficult 75% max hr. (135 bpm) ( At VT1: You can speak but it requires effort.)
5. Difficult 85% max hr. (153 bpm) (Above VT1 / Below VT2: Speaking is possible, but not comfortable and you probably can’t recite the alphabet with ease at this point. Can sustain for about 30 minutes.)
6. More difficult 90% max hr. (162 bpm)
7. Very difficult 95% max hr. (171 bpm) (At or above VT2: Speaking is no longer possible with the exception of one or two word statements. Difficult to exercise more than a minute or two at this level.)
8. 96% max hr. (172.8 bpm)
9. 97% max hr. (174.6 bpm)
10. Very, Very Difficult 98% max hr. (176.4 bpm)
** Maximum 100% and Beyond. (180 bpm)

We will discuss this more in class!

HIIT IT! Don’t HIIT IT too Hard for too Long!

Coach Tim Garrett

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