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HIIT Delays Parkinson’s Progression

Wow!¬† Recently I saw this study showing High-intensity exercise may slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease without medication. More and more studies are surfacing further substantiating the positive effects of properly prescribed¬† high intensity interval training.

At the bottom is a link to an article in Science Daily that explains a study conducted by Northwestern University. Feel feel free to read the article for yourself.

The study as was a randomized controlled clinical trial that consisted of patients with Parkinson’s disease not taking any medication during the trial. The patients were randomized into three groups and exercised accordingly.

1. High-intensity exercise at 80-85% maximum heart rate

2. High-intensity exercise at 60-65% maximum heart rate

3. No exercise

The more intense the exercise the better the results. Patients that exercised at 85% maximum heart rate (MHR) did not experience further progression of disease symptoms. Those that exercised at 65% maximum heart rate experienced a 7.5% worsening of symptoms. Those in the no-exercise group experienced a 15% worsening of symptoms.

Now HIIT It!

Coach Tim Garrett

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