High Intensity is an extension of the Fitness and Wellness components of Transformation Wellness and Martial Arts in Manchester, TN.

Our fitness and wellness programs are designed to provide amazing results safely and effectively with maximum efficiency and minimum injury. Simply put, if you want to look fit train to be fit. Train to survive and thrive in your environment.  Achieve a level of fitness that allows you to live a more successful existence in all areas of your life as long as you can. In broad terms, fitness is the condition of being physically fit and having good health. It is the ability to survive and thrive in your environment and be suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. It refers to your optimal health and overall well-being. Being fit not only means physical health, but emotional and mental health, too. It defines every aspect of your health. Smart eating and active living are fundamental to fitness. In your wellness journey, fitness will mean different things at different times.

HIIT Transformation Programs consist of High Intensity Interval Training and HIIT principles, compound movements, body weight exercises, resistance training with proper progressive overload and nutrition recommendations all in order to fuel performance, build muscle and ignite fat loss.

The programs use high intensity intervals of measured and progressively increasing and varying loads and movements used in everyday life with the purpose of improving flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance, speed, agility, reactivity and body composition in the most efficient and safest ways possible. These claims are backed by the some of the most recent fitness research and thousands of hours of workouts from my clients.

Some of our HIIT Transformation participants have competed in Crossfit competitions, Jiu-Jitsu competitions, MMA Matches, running competitions, obstacle courses, cycling and just whatever comes their way fit and are able to survive and thrive in their environment.