Festivus Games

Carbide CrossFit in McMinnville is hosting the Festivus Games which is a worldwide functional fitness-competition geared toward beginner and intermediate fitness athletes.

March the 17th from 1 to 3pm TWMA and Carbide Crossfit will be offering a free training / workout sessionĀ  to current HIIT Transfomation members and others approved that interested in participating in the Festivus games. The plan is to cover all of the movements and exercises that will used in the workouts during the competition.

It looks like a fun competition. Brandon Eckel and the other coaches at Carbide CrossFit are amazing and will treat you well.

If you are properly trained and prepared for the exercises in each WOD and want to test your fitness level check it out.

Here are details on the WODs and Exercises:

Register here:

Let me know if you interested.

Coach Tim Garrett

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