Extreme Burpee Complex Back Day HIIT

During training it is important to systematically change exercise variables to force positive change and adaptation. This is known as periodization and there are many ways to vary exercise variables like intensity, duration and work done.

In this workout I set a number of repetitions I wanted to complete each exercise before moving to the next exercise. Then I did 3 rounds for time as fast as possible. The next time I do this workout I will simply try to do more work in less time.

1. Dead Hang Pullups x 20
2. Spider-man Kick Touch Burpees x 5
3. Dumbbell Bent Rows Left arm (40lbs) x 15
4. Dumbbell Bent Rows Right arm (40lbs) x 15
5. Alternating bicycles x 30 sets
6. Sumo Burpee, Curl Overhead Arnold Press (40/40 lbs) x 5
Please enjoy!

Coach Tim Garrett


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