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Coping with Multiple Sclerosis and HIIT

Recently one of my fitness members and friends were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It came as a complete and total surprise. Imagine, you go in to the doctors office for a checkup and come out knowing you have MS. Wow! That is a total unexpected life changing situation.

When diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis people are faced with significant changes that will take place physically, mentally and spiritually. It might be very challenging to develop coping mechanisms to deal with MS. While no exercise program can offer a complete solution or cure, HIIT has been shown to improve exercise capacity and quality of life (1) safely and effectively for people with varying degrees of MS.

According to WebMD (2), “MS is a chronic disease that damages the nerves in the spinal cord and brain, as well as the optic nerves. Sclerosis means scarring, and people with MS develop multiple areas of scar tissue in response to the nerve damage. Depending on where the damage occurs, symptoms may include problems with muscle control, balance, vision, or speech.”

HIIT workouts and resistance training are by no means a cure to these issues but HIIT combined with resistance training have been shown to help (3) induce an improvement in physical capacity and quality of life as well as allow patients, irrespective of their sex or EDSS score, to resume exercise autonomously.

Honestly speaking I can’t completely relate to people who have been diagnosed with MS. In my life I have experienced injuries and have some nagging joint and breathing issues but this is a walk in the park compared to many people who have been diagnosed with MS. I can only encourage you to do the best you can, don’t give up and GET MOVING!

Coach Tim Garrett





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