Below is a list and summary of some key blogs that will help you on your Wellness Journey and Transformation. It is my hope that something I say or something I do helps motivate myself and others on our wellness journey to become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

  1. Safety First! How Much to Lift? – Flexibility, exercise, modifications, safety and how much weight to lift and when to modify exercises?
  2. Pre & Post Workout Nutrition – What should you eat before, during and after your workout?
  3. Hear Rate, Intensity and Rating of Perceived Exertion – How to determine your heart rate beats per minute (HR BPM)? What is your intensity level and rating of perceived exertion (RPE)?
  4. General Training Principles – Brief discussion of the four of the most widely known principles in the fitness community specifically as applied to our HIIT Transformation program.
  5. HIIT, Fitness and Bench Press – What is fitness? Among other things, fitness is the ability to thrive and survive in your environment. Train to be Fit.
  6. Why Does HIIT Transformation Work? – What is High Intensity Interval Training? Why is the HIIT Transformation so amazing?
  7. What is HIIT? – HIIT involves repeated bouts of high-intensity (> 70% MAXHR) effort interspersed with recovery.
  8. To Carb or Not to Carb? That’s the Question. – Should you eat carbohydrates or not? Are there good and bad carbs?
  9. Carbohydrate Quality & Sugar – What is the difference in carbohydrates? How to determine which carbohydrates and good and bad? What types of carbohydrates to you eat and when? Is all sugar the same?
  10. Weight Management, Marcos & Calories Deficit – How to manage your weight, determine your daily calorie requirements and macro nutrient ratios?
  11. Flexibility and Mobility – Flexibility training concepts.
  12. The Scale is a Liar – Is all weight loss good weight loss? What is healthy weight loss? What is health body composition change?
  13. What is Wellness? – What are the various components of wellness considering wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.
  14. Log Your Workouts – By tracking your progress or at the very least use some portion of your workout in a log of some sort you can determine if you are increasing the load and intensity adequately. So, write something down.

Transformation for Life!

Have a great journey!

Coach Tim Garrett