T1 HIIT Transformation

Fitness for everyone
Safe & Effective
All Fitness Levels and Backgrounds
Progressively Increase Intensity Based on each Individual
Program Customized Uniquely to each Individual
Minimal Risk of Injury

Health and Wellness  Benefits
Stay Younger Beyond Your Years
Increase Mitochondrial Capacity
Improvement all Processes and Biological Functions.
Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Short and Efficient Workouts that benefit everyone
Recreational Exercisers
Fitness Enthusiasts
Fitness Experts
Get fit or stay fit

Functional Fitness for Everyday Life
Movements you use every day
Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
Timely & Efficient Workouts

Improved Performance
Improved Strength and Explosiveness
Improved Cardio Respiratory Endurance
Improved Recovery
Go Stronger, Faster, Higher, Longer

Improved Body Composition & Lean Body Mass
Loose Fat Mass and Inches
Build Lean Muscle Mass
Reduced  Fat in Blood Stream after Eating
(fat = triacylglyceride TAG a.k.a)



The 12 week HIIT Transformation T1 Program is amazing and participants will improve their overall health and wellness. The amazing thing is that these improvements can be experienced safely without risk of injury or excessive soreness. It is designed so that people of all fitness levels and backgrounds, without contraindications, may start the program and progress at their own rate without fear of injury. However, results are unique to each individual and are largely related to each participant’s hard work, determination and commitment.

Classes are small and have a somewhat private feel. Classes meet 3 times per week for 12 weeks. Workouts are typically less than 30 minutes based on the participants’ goals. The program is sequential and each class workout builds on the previous classes’ workout. So, it is important that participants are committed to come to all classes and workouts for the entire 12 week program. Of course, life happens and I understand there are times people just can’t make it or will be late but these should be very limited occurrences or participants may be removed from the program.

Phase 1
Phase 1 of the program starts with straight forward exercise intervals that move between upper body and lower body exercises. Exercises are based on movements you are very capable of doing and probably do in everyday life. Phase 1 is used to determine the participants’ state of readiness before increasing the intensity of the workouts. The focus is Function, Stability and Mobility. If there is an exercise that is too difficult there are modified exercises to use as a substitution.

Phase 2
Once the participants’ starting point and level of readiness is established the workout intensity and load will progressively increase into Phase 2. The focus of Phase 2 is Health and Movement. Workouts move into 3 primary focuses, Push, Pull or Legs. However each workout contains elements and exercises that target from the other focus areas as well as exercises that target participants’ core and ability to move.

Exercise Repetitions will be high enough to potentially cause absolute failure. This is necessary to force adaptation and change. The other exercises not targeting the focus area will be reduced or modified to prevent absolute failure and keep the Heart Rate (HR) elevated slightly with rest intervals. Different grips and exercises will be added into the workouts to force overload and adaptation to the changing workout.

Phase 3
Depending on the participants’ readiness, the program will advance to Phase 3. In Phase 3 the focus is Fitness and Load Training. The intensity, load and duration of the workouts increase. More exercises will be added to each round, compound movements, more weight, more rounds, and so on. Most participants simply wanting to improve their overall health and wellness will stay in Phase 3. Below is a video from some members of a Phase 3 group. Keep in mind they did not start here. This is where they ended up and they did amazing! You can do it to!

Phase 4
Some participants, particularly athletes training for something, may choose to move to Phase 4. The focus of Phase 4 is Performance Training.​ ​These participants are addressed case by case as the need arises.

Program Scope
The scope of the program is for me to coach participants through my unique high intensity interval training workouts and teach them to program their own workouts. Some flexibility, self-care and nutritional advice may be provided but it is not guaranteed and it is not the primary focus or intent of the program.

Participants will progress through the 4 Phases based on their level of readiness and ability. There isn’t a public scoreboard; each person will increase workouts at their own pace. The only intended competition is yourself and what you did in your last workout.

Basic body composition measurements and feedback will be given, particularly at the request of participants.  A notebook will be given to participants and they must fill out their workouts and progress each class. This information will be used to program future workouts and must be available upon request.

Keep in mind the SCALE is a LIAR! It would have you believe that all weight loss is good weight loss. This is not true! It is better to be 130 pounds with 10% body fat and 117 pounds of lean body mass than it is to be 100 pounds with 30% body fat and 70 pounds of lean body mass. I would rather be a 25 pound dumbbell than a 20 pound medicine ball… lol… Don’t listen to the LIES of the SCALE…

Lies of the Scale

If you have read over our Readiness Questionnaire and answered NO to all questions you can be reasonably sure that you can participate in this program.

If you think our program might be right for you, Contact Us for more information.

Have a great day! Now HIIT IT!

Tim Garrett